Residential Cleaning

Residential Cleaning Services

Oven Cleaning

Most of us use our ovens on a daily basis, and for this reason it is no surprise that dirt can build up quickly. For this reason, you always need to make sure that your oven is kept clean. If you don't know how to do this, then you will love our oven cleaning service, as we are able to take everything off your hands in this respect. Our team will work quickly and methodically, so you can be certain that everything will be left just how you want it - and your oven will look fantastic once the service is complete.

Window Cleaning

Taking care of your property is never easy, and you may find that your windows get overlooked. However, it can make a huge difference to your building when you have beautiful, clean windows, and if this is something that you would like then there is no doubt that our team will be able to help you with this. We have a dedicated team to make sure that your windows are left gleaming, and you are certain to love the service that we can provide for you. Simply give us a call to talk about us transforming your property in the near future.

Inside and Outside Window Cleaning

Having clean windows is something that really can make an amazing difference when it comes to what your property looks like. We are able to clean your windows on both the inside and the outside, with the highest quality equipment and cleaning materials. If you think that your property could do with this kind of boost, our team would be happy to have a chat with you about exactly what you need, so just give us a call and we can come and clean your windows at a time to suit you.

Eco Friendly Reach and Wash System

We use a purified water system that is streak and chemical-free. Our telescopic system can be used on the first floor or higher and it ensures we clean your windows as quickly and effectively as possible to minimise any disruption to your home or business.

Carpet Cleaning

When you think about how much traffic your carpets are exposed to on a daily basis it is no wonder that they get dirty, and because of this, it is vital that you make the most of the carpet cleaning service that we have on offer. We are trained in many different types of carpet care, meaning that no matter what carpets you have in your property, we can promise excellent results, every time. With this in mind, it is important to get in touch with us and book your consultation, as we are sure to be able to transform your carpets and have them looking fresh again.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet steam cleaning is the best deep-cleaning method you can use on your carpets. Because it combines hot water with cleaning chemicals, it cleans much more than just the surface of your carpet-it can remove 99% of bacteria, heavy dirt and debris that have sunk deep into your carpet.

Curtain Steam Cleaning

Do you find curtains big and awkward to clean? Without the right equipment it can be really difficult and dangerous too. Take the hassle out of cleaning them by getting in touch with us. We know curtains often get overlooked because they are so awkward to clean but we're confident we can get them looking new again!

Upholstery Cleaning

As a homeowner or tenant, you most likely understand that clean furnishings and fabrics go a long way in making your home inviting and comfortable. With their in-depth knowledge of cleaning techniques and products, our technicians ensure embedded dirt and stains are extracted from upholstery, with no damage to fibres and the guarantee of furniture longevity. State of the art equipment, good old-fashioned hard work and meticulous attention to detail are what our comprehensive upholstery clean service promises - if this is what you need, then get in touch today for more details.

Decking and Patio Cleaning

The outside of your home needs to be kept clean, however, it is no secret that it can be incredibly difficult to wash your patio and decking. Because of this, we can take care of what needs to be done for you. We have professional standard equipment, along with the skills needed to operate it, allowing you the knowledge that the areas we work on will look as good as new before you know it. We have experience of working with many kinds of properties, so just contact us if you would like a quote for the cleaning we can do for you.

Car Interior Cleaning

Choose our car interior cleaning service to remove stains and eliminate bad odours from your vehicle.

We can provide professional cleaning of your vehicle interior upholstery & carpets using a steam cleaning or carpet shampooing solution. Perfect to eliminate coffee stains, mud, wine, urine, bad odours and even pet stains. We will leave your car a much nicer, cleaner and healthier place, even removing deep down dirt you can't see!

Why use Jon Smith Car Interior Cleaning Services?

  • Remove stains and bad odours from your seats and flooring.
  • Fabric and leather car interiors cleaned.
  • Fast drying times.
  • No harsh or toxic chemicals.
  • Our car interior treatments are safe for children & pets.
We offer adhoc and one off services to suit your requirement and regular contract work.
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